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Our public webinars allow attendees the opportunity to bring real problems from work environments and outline solutions based on techniques covered in the course, in the presence of an AGILENOMICS™ certified instructor.

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Agile Contracting Fundamentals Webinars

The Agile Contracting Fundamentals course focuses on solving for the natural paradox that takes shape between the legacy need for a clear and stable contract between two parties, and the need for “welcoming changing requirements” in any Agile setting.

This course covers proven recommendations to overcome the root causes of distrust, such that it becomes possible to finally structure a contract that allows “variable scope” and bilateral commitment to an Agile mindset.

There are also several other innovative angles introduced that are truly transformational in the Contracting space. Innovative topics such as how and when to apply remedies, J-curve considerations, and how to align accounting reconciliation cycles with an Agile cadence are also included in this course.

COVID-19 Support Available:

COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the biggest global disruptions of all times. As survivors and flood victims of hurricane Sandy in 2012, we can relate to suddenly finding ourselves without an office to collaborate in for many months. If you feel your organization needs assistance to navigate through the difficult transition of establishing a 100% remote operation, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

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May 8, 2020

Location: ECTC | 22685 Holiday Park Dr | Sterling, VA 20166
Certification: AGILENOMICS™ Contracts Practitioner (ACP)

(Registration closes May 1 at 11:59pm)

Private Courses for Your Corporate Team

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