Hire an Expert

Arrange consulting for your organization
and leverage the power of Bottom-Line Agility.

Business Adoption

Applying the AGILENOMICS® Mindset in your organization.

As a specialized additional offering to our formal training and certification program, our AGILENOMICS® Instructors are available to consult your organization in adopting and applying Bottom-Line Agility.

AGILENOMICS® Methods Identify
Opportunities Across the Entire Enterprise


Training & Consulting
Mindset Transformation
Value-Side Thinking


Continuous Improvement
Focus on Value
Waste Identification & Prevention


Tech as A Business Case
Prioritizing Technical Debt
Handling Innovation Teams

Areas of Applied Consulting

Reducing WIP by Preventing Low-Value Projects

We help you establish true value-driven governance to reduce the number of projects that do not yield sufficient ROI.

Bottom-Line Agility Beyond IT

Harness the untapped potential of applying AGILENOMICS® methods to areas such as HR, Finance, and even the PMO.

Measuring the "J-Curve" Cost of Disruption

Learn how to calculate the cost of disruptive decisions prior to acting upon them.

Preserving the Agile Mindset in 3rd Party Contracts

Imagine preventing a significant percentage of wasteful spending just by aligning contractual terms with your Agile vision and needs.

Identification, Quantification, and Prevention of Waste

Transform your teams’ mindset in a way that motivates the entire company to identify waste before money is spent.