Value-Side Thinking & Economic Decision Making

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Ali. A

One of the most valuable courses I have ever taken, for two reasons: 1. Shows the efficacy of optimizing the Agile approach in hard numbers, which is almost always missing from Agile courses , whether at the team or the scaled level. 2. Tackles a serious shortfall in evaluating investments in many organizations: bean counters too often prevail in looking only at cost rather than expected value.


Niki W.

A valuable course! This program enabled me to review real-life business case studies by examining the importance of Value-Side vs. Cost-Side. Each learning module was insightful and built a comprehensive learning experience. Applicable lessons that I will implement into my current projects.

Gillian E.

Uses everyday, relatable examples to explain core concepts.

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”This information is very important in that it helps to defend difficult concepts in Agile by qualifying the risks of the concepts.“ – Phillip Y.