COURSE: Value-Side Thinking & Economic Decision Making

Certification: AGILENOMICS® Practitioner (AGN-PR)

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Ali A.

“One of the most valuable courses I have ever taken, for two reasons: 1. Shows the efficacy of optimizing the Agile approach in hard numbers, which is almost always missing from Agile courses , whether at the team or the scaled level. 2. Tackles a serious shortfall in evaluating investments in many organizations: bean counters too often prevail in looking only at cost rather than expected value.”


Stacy K.

“The Agilenomics ‘Value-Side Thinking and Economic Decision Making’ Course readily illustrates the importance of examining the ‘value side’ of business investment decisions and the consequences of failing to execute basic ‘due diligence’ upfront. The quantified examples in the course exercises are relatable and impactful regardless of one’s background or industry.”


Gillian E.

“Uses everyday, relatable examples to explain core concepts.”


Phillip Y.

“This information is very important in that it helps to defend difficult concepts in Agile by qualifying the risks of the concepts.”