AGILENOMICS® Newsletter – July-August 2021

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Announcing our new partnership with Panlasigue Consulting LLC

This past June, after meticulous research, we concluded that the next set of AGILENOMICS® online courses will be created with even higher quality animation, improving our course learning experience, while keeping up with trends in industry technology. We have partnered with Panlasigue Consulting LLC to achieve this goal.



The two next courses that are being developed are Agile
Contracting Fundamentals
, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021 and Revisiting the PMO in an Agile World, which will likely be available in Q2 of 2022. Between the residual effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market, and an exhaustive search for the correct technology and partnership, our original timeline objectives naturally adjusted. However, we are pleased to report that momentum has picked up as per the revised timeline we just referenced.

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One of the characteristics of the improved animation will be increased clarity sure to engage the audience, as well as “convey the training message” in a more efficient manner (supporting the message that the narrator is reciting).

The courses will continue to have Lessons broken out into smaller sections, and in between those sections the student will have the opportunity to work through some exercises and questions to reinforce the learning. As always, a final exam / quiz to verify learning will follow at the end, and a certification badge will be issued upon successful completion of that exam. We certainly look forward to feedback once the course is formally launched!



As we continue developing our online course Agile Contracting Fundamentals, we feel compelled to reflect upon why this course is so important to the industry. The basic problem can be summarized as follows: How do we turn a legacy product of distrust into a collaborate agreement that promotes trust? We identify legacy contracts as “artifacts of distrust” for one reason…All contractual agreements in general exist because the days of a “simple handshake” and a “verbal agreement” don’t seem to work well in a realistic, litigious world. At the same time, Agile is all about creating an environment of trust, so this concept should ideally start with the contents of a Master Contractual Agreement.

Before analyzing the “why”, let’s first summarize “what” this course will contain…The Agile Contracting Fundamentalscourse will consist of five lessons:

  1. Why Legacy Vendor Contracts don’t work well in an Agile World
  2. Shifting to Variable Scope, Fixed Cost Contracting
  3. Preserving the Agile Mindset via the Contract
  4. Vendor Payment Cycles & Remedy Clause Options
  5. Special Topic – Innovation Teams

Each one of these lessons is a product of years of situational experience in Agile Coaching, specifically being on the receiving end of Agile antipatterns whose root causes were traceable back to the Master Contract between a client and a vendor.

The concepts and recommendations in this course have been tested in real world situations, including the introduction of Agile Mindset clauses within actual multi-million-dollar contracts with some of the biggest vendor names in the IT industry. The results were staggering, the techniques super-innovative and simple, and it is clear this course fills in a very important Agile Industry gap.

Over the next several months we will be vigorously working to complete this valuable and innovative online course. The latest progress updates will be posted on this link:

However, even though the full self-service online course experience won’t be available until a few months from now, the course material is already available to deliver in slide and instructor-led training mode, via zoom or in person (post Covid-19). So, if you are struggling with vendors that don’t seem to be aligned with your flavor of Agile culture, send us an inquiry for a free consultation about your organization’s needs.

At Chrysinou Consulting, LLC, our objectives remain focused. We desire to innovate. We desire to disrupt legacy thinking with practical examples and common-sense solutions. Our motto “Practicality. Common-Sense. Bottom Line Agile.” is inspired by our core beliefs.

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