AGILENOMICS® Newsletter – Summer-Fall 2022

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Positioning for 2023, the year where “Value will matter more…”

Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic deos not automatically mean that market conditions will be the same as before. The majority of the workforce is still working from home, and it is not clear what the long-term effects of this may be for the Agile industry as a whole, which has touted the advantages of “direct” vs. “indirect” communication for over 2 decades.

Despite raging debate and speculation on the future impacts of long-term “remote collaboration”, one thing is certain: All impacts, efficiencies, as well as inefficiencies are measurable. The AGILENOMICS® mindset is precisely focused on identification and measurement of all of the above. We strongly believe that the demand for a “return to the economic fundamentals” of LEAN and Agile will pick up over the next 12 months, especially if inflationary and recessionary pressures manifest in the market as many analysts seem to be predicting these days.

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The need to “prevent unnecessary, costly learning curves” is real, and our message and commitment is more appealing than ever.

This past summer we redesigned the messaging of our website to highlight our commitment to “Bottom-Line Agility”. We remain aligned with reality on the ground, actively harnessing real-time, dynamic information from our market segment. The market is poised for a recalibration of focus, and we are definitely ready to assist our customers with their quest for meaningful transformation. Feel free to check out our website for more information, and we are looking forward to a consultation about how we can assist your organization.

OPINION EDITORIAL – Would you spend your personal money this way?

Between August and October each year, many companies still operate in a legacy model where they prepare their “annual budgets”, as well as associated goals and objectives. While this practice continues to persist, it is not necessarily aligned with the Agile Manifesto, which “welcomes changing requirements” even after the “plan” has been set. We bring this up as a preface to a more important point…If we all agree that the Agile mindset (and LEAN thinking) is all about “just in time” (near-term) prioritization and decision making, why are corporations still insisting on “big up- front budgeting”? Are these companies really understanding what initiatives will yield the highest ROI? Are these companies allowing for “changing market conditions”, or changing business requirements that may present a need for budgetary pivots? How do we know if a major opportunity will come up 4 months into the fiscal year? Are we ready to deprioritize something else in favor of this “big opportunity”? By analogy, how many households accurately budget their entire list of expenditures on January 1st?

Furthermore, this end-of year budgetary frenzy doesn’t automatically associate planned expenditures with expected “Return on Investment”. Instead…:

  1. We see total “headcount” being budgeted for.
  2. We see budget being allocated to external contracting expenses.
  3. We continually witness the eternal debates and bickering over what is “capex” and “opex” budget.

Yet, what we don’t frequently see is a focus on “what is the business case” for this spend? What is the ROI? As a reminder, the AGILENOMICS® approach focuses on preventing “low value” initiatives by identifying them early, before money is spent.

Even worse, investment in improvements such as technical debt, or even training, new tools, processes, technology is either not presented for consideration, or is entirely overlooked in favor of “new functionality”.


Would you spend your own personal money this way?

If your family vehicle was running on 3 cylinders instead of 4, being passed by all other “competing” vehicles on the highway, would it be sufficient to accept this slow performance, or would your time lost be valuable enough to invest in repairing that 4th cylinder? By not optimizing our “internal corporate engine”, we sometimes forget that ROI is affected in a negative way, deep into the future. Instead, companies perpetually budget the “annual fuel” that will run the “3-cylinder” vehicle, instead of optimizing the vehicle itself …


Adopting the AGILENOMICS® mindset is the only path forward to remedy this situation… Identify that “broken cylinder”, as well as those “low-value” initiatives, before you “plan” to spend money on them…

At Chrysinou Consulting, LLC, our objectives remain focused. We desire to innovate. We desire to disrupt legacy thinking with practical examples and common-sense solutions. Our motto “Practicality. Common-Sense. Bottom Line Agile.” is inspired by our core beliefs.

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