AGILENOMICS™ Newsletter – July–August 2019

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Agile Contracting by AGILENOMICS™ Launch

Chrysinou Consulting’s J. Margetis unveils the market-ready course on 7/5

On Friday, July 5th, 2019, at a restaurant in Ashburn, VA, the contents of the new Agile Contracting by AGILENOMICS™ course were submitted for peer review and feedback. An earlier version of the course material was already reviewed once before in early March, 2019 in Palm Beach County, FL. The feedback was quite
positive, and Chrysinou Consulting, LLC has decided to
proceed to market with this course.



The first marketing campaign occurred between August 5th – 9th during the Agile 2019 conference in Washington D.C where Chrysinou Consulting’s J. Margetis delivered a 3 minute lightning talk on paradox of the relationship between the Agile Manifesto and 3d party vendor contracts, as the two struggle to find a collaborative balance – there are many years of documented, adversarial case studies between the two. See more at:

As a quick reminder, the Agile Contracting Fundamentals course focuses on solving for the natural paradox that takes shape between the legacy need for a clear and stable contract between two parties, and the need for “welcoming changing requirements” in any Agile setting. The industry has made significant progress in transforming from the “safety” of “big up front” fixed requirements to the “bold” state of variable features in a product backlog. However, the structure of the majority of contracts that we still encounter in our consulting practice is clearly lagging behind. Historical incidents and long-term distrust between vendors and clients result in contracts that still seem to advocate “fixed” outcomes vs. allowing for “variability”. The problem is clear, and has existed in the industry for many years.

Our Agile Contracting Fundamentals course focuses on proven recommendations to overcome the root causes of distrust, such that it becomes possible to finally structure a contract that allows “variable scope” and bilateral commitment to an Agile mindset. There are also several other innovative angles introduced that are truly transformational in the Contracting space. Innovative topics such as how and when to apply remedies, J-curve considerations, and how to align accounting reconciliation cycles with an Agile cadence are also included in this course.

Any interested parties may register for an upcoming class at:

Other Summer News – Chrysinou Consulting, LLC Launches the “” website

On July 31st 2019, and after several months of preparation and coordination and testing with our IT and Marketing teams, we launched the much anticipated website. Initial launch offerings and capabilities include:

  • Ability to register & pay online for the Agile Contracting sessions initially scheduled on August 23d, September 13th, October 11th, 2019 in anticipation of the unveiling at the Agile 2019 Conference.
  • Ability to provide feedback & take the certification exam for the Agile Contracting course.
  • Ability to submit a form to request AGILENOMICS™ specialized consulting, (even for topics that currently don’t have a corresponding course offering).
  • Ability to register for receipt of newsletters and announcements.
  • Ability to vote for courses to be offered in desired cities (for future consideration).

As we continue enhancing the AGILENOMICS™ website over the next few months, our user community will expect to see several new offerings phased in. Some of our planned highlights include:

  • Online Agile Contracting Course (via our LMS platform)
  • Launch of our new Value-Side Mindset Course by AGILENOMICS™ (physical & online course)
  • Launch of a new Agile PMO mindset & guidelines course by AGILENOMICS™ focusing on filling a gap that continues to plague the industry.
  • Expansion of our blog page to include more tutorials and industry news.

Undoubtedly, the AGILENOMICS™ brand is positioning itself dynamically in the market over the next several months.

At Chrysinou Consulting, LLC, our objectives remain focused. We desire to innovate. We desire to disrupt legacy
thinking with practical examples and common-sense solutions. Our motto “Practicality. CommonSense. Agile.”
is inspired by our core beliefs.

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