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AGILENOMICS™ Newsletter – November–December 2019

November 2019 marked another historic milestone in the journey of launching the AGILENOMICS™ brand. After a significant amount of collaboration throughout 2019 with our web developers Rolla Creative, LLC, the www.agilenomics.net website qualified for a USPTO trademark registration for classes 042 and 035. With this formal registration, the AGILENOMICS™ brand has …

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Join us at AgileDC 2019 for a Lightning Talk

John Margetis to Give Lightning Talk: “The Value of Preserving the Agile Mindset in 3d Party Vendor Contracts” on September 23 at 11:15am Ignoring the importance of including a commitment to the Agile Mindset in a 3d party vendor contract introduces “mindset” and “collaboration” risk for the Project. These risks manifest into a prolonged (and …

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AGILENOMICS™ Newsletter – July–August 2019

View Newsletter as PDF » Agile Contracting by AGILENOMICS™ Launch Chrysinou Consulting’s J. Margetis unveils the market-ready course on 7/5 On Friday, July 5th, 2019, at a restaurant in Ashburn, VA, the contents of the new Agile Contracting by AGILENOMICS™ course were submitted for peer review and feedback. An earlier version of the course material …

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Beyond the Sprint

Why it is important for an Agile software development team to understand that the work they produce is a corporate investment expected to yield value in the form of an internal process improvement or marketable commodity.

If an Agile software development team is treated merely as a “staff augmentation” line item, and not as a strategic partner in an investment project, there is a high risk that stakeholders will not achieve the results they originally intended – they will not achieve maximum process development / improvement levels, cost savings, or highest possible returns on investment that the business has intended. The teams in such a scenario risk falling into an “order-taking” mindset vs. a more proactive and innovative mindset. If this occurs, the project execution results risk being only marginally better than in a “Waterfall” approach…the return on investment will be low, because sprint over sprint, low-commitment “order-takers” will not succeed in delivering the highest quality of acceptable software…this phenomenon results in reduced value delivered over the duration of the project. In other words, in terms of cost analysis, the company will have just paid for less than they had planned for.

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The Agile Retrospective as a Process Improvement Tool Focusing on Business Value Reengineering and Cost Analysis

There is nothing new about associating the Agile Retrospective with Continuous or “Relentless” Improvement. That’s what it is for, that’s why we do it. However, often in the Agile Coaching world, we notice that Retrospective ideas that are “out of” an individual team’s control don’t get any traction. This becomes a missed opportunity for organizational Process Improvement and Business Value Reengineering. It is also a missed opportunity to analyze potential cost savings that could result from addressing the larger organizational impediments that the Agile teams are raising.

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Introducing “Value-Side” Thinking & Decision Making

It is common for corporations to focus on “cost-cutting” measures. While it is an extremely important economic principle to maximize profits by lowering costs, ignoring the impacts of business investment decisions on value creation can be detrimental to the quest for maximum profits. In this light, making cost-based or “cost-side” decisions without adding “value-side” thinking and decision making is not advisable.

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AGILENOMICS™ Newsletter – May 2019

View Newsletter as PDF INNOVATIVE PRESENTATION AT XP 2019 IN MONTREAL On behalf of Cprime, Chrysinou Consulting’s J. Margetis co-presented an experience report with R. Wilk of Metabank (a Cprime client) On Thursday May 23d, at 3:30pm EST, at the XP 2019 Conference in Montreal, Canada, an experience report titled “Transforming Mindsets to Accelerate an …

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